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What is homeschool? How can I possibly homeschool my child? How will my children learn to socialize? Aren't homeschoolers weird and awkward social outcasts? What about "me" time? How do I choose a curriculum? Do I issue my child assignments, tests, and grades? What about college? What if I fail? Get answers to these questions and more!


The Playbook for Home Learning is a fillable workbook for parents and guardians wanting the best home education for their children. Sam has assembled this powerful guide, chock full of empowering tools to aid you in “educating. . . differently”, as she puts it. Her goal is to emancipate families from the failing modern school system, while making your child's education easier and more rewarding than you ever dreamed.


This powerful, comprehensive resource must be used in conjunction with the 15 page-by-page videos. Access to the videos will be provided via USB which will be included with your order.

The Playbook for Home Learning + 15 Play-by-Play Videos

$119.00 Regular Price
$99.00Sale Price
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