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Two movies in one!


And the Amazon Women-  A village besieged by mysterious unseen monsters is the setting for this disarming display of evil that has Hercules (Kevin Sorbo) taken captive and tortured under the watchful eye of his evil stepmother Hera. Swords, sorcery and stunning special effects - including Hera's gruesome disguises - make this an adventure that you won't want to miss!

The Lost Kingdom - Hercules is pursued by his deadly, implacable enemy, his stepmother Hera, who uses many supernatural disguises to try and destroy Hercules as he searches for the lost city of Troy. She lay in wait as Hercules undertakes his epic quest. His only ally is young Deianeira, a beautiful but stubborn woman whose secret destiny even outstrips that of Hercules himself!

Hercules And The Amazon Women/ The Lost Kingdom

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