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Discover the BRAVE Bundle, featuring two captivating books by Kevin Sorbo: "The Test of Lionhood" and "The Bear Essentials of Fatherhood". Each story is packed with thrilling adventures and valuable life lessons, perfect for young readers eager to learn about bravery, perseverance, and the true meaning of family. Plus, this special bundle comes with Kevin Sorbo's autograph, making it a treasured addition to your child's bookshelf.


The Test of Lionhood

Join Lucas on a heart-pounding quest in "The Test of Lionhood". When his sister Chloe is poisoned by the dangerous night-scorch thorns, it's up to Lucas to save her. As he faces numerous obstacles, a legendary lion appears, transforming Lucas's understanding of what it means to be a real lion. This tale of bravery and perseverance will captivate young minds and inspire them to take on their own challenges. Plus, kids can test their newfound bravery with the engaging BRAVE Challenge at the end of the book.


The Bear Essentials of Fatherhood

In "The Bear Essentials of Fatherhood," Mobi the bear longs for a refreshing glass of water after a hard day's work. However, his family has locked him out of the house! Enter Culture the Vulture, who tries to persuade Mobi to abandon his responsibilities and live only for himself. Will Mobi fall for Culture's deceit, or will he discover the true importance of fatherhood? Through this charming story, children will learn about the significance of family roles and can explore these themes further with the family-friendly BRAVE Challenge at the end of the book.

BRAVE Bundle Autographed by Kevin Sorbo

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